CryptoWallet Public Wallet | FAQ | FeedBack

What is the public wallet?

The public wallet is an online client side application that allows you to view your altcoin balances using only your public keys on a coin by coin basis. Presently we only support a few coins with a focus on Stellar and Stellar assets (we love XLM). We do expect to add Ethereuium and ERC-20 tokens soon...

hold tight my youth!

Is this a scam to steal my crypto?

It's just not possible my dude. We are requesting and using your crypto public key so it is not possible to do anything but view your balance. This is why we named it my 'public' wallet emphasis on public ... get it?

Do you store my public keys?

Again this entire application is client side so nothing you enter is EVER transmitted to us or anyone else for that matter. Also these are public keys so it can never be anything but READ ONLY :)

Why are you doing this?

First let us be clear who 'WE' are, we are and we are using a creative approach to increase crypto and blockchain adoption. Why, well because blockchain is freaking awesome and we think many people will agree but first they need resources to get invloved. Crypto is a paradigm shift and we are here to help people get down with the get down. in full effect boyiieeeee!