BLAC is the color of night

for the Afro futurist

Rowdy Rebels and

Radical Do Gooders



Moving money through places and spaces quickly and reliably for fractions of a penny is what we all want of our currency.

Yet currency has always been connected to big money, to corporate influence and to political favor.

Currency has always been fiat currency. Fiat means by decree or simply put that this country proclaims, 'that' currency is worth this much and these armies and that federal reserve will defend it to the death

we can do better people.

Crypto Currency is digital money with the speed and ease of sending an email and the reliability of Western Union or SWIFT.

This is the future of money all made possible with cryptography. The ability to buy and sell digital coins that can then be sent with an email or text message yet is safe and secure. Yet can not be copied or counterfeited.
Crypto currency is bringing the dream of simple fair money that without a bank to reality.


Bitcoin is king, and Ethereum with its tokens and smart contracts is top ranking, but Stellar is special because it does everything they do but faster, stronger, and cheaper.

5 seconds transaction rate.

built in decentralized exchange

smart contracts

custom assets

While Bitcoin and Ethereum face very serious scalability issues Stellar is a lightning fast third generation blockchain

Think Ethereum on crack ...

Stellar is a tried and trusted fast secure 3g blockchains that allow for the creation of assets.

We choose Stellar because we agree with the vision and integrity of the Stellar Foundation in their pursuit of a truly open, fair and decentralized marketplace.

WHY BLAC | 2018

BLAC is a verified Stellar Asset created in early 2018 and is available on any XLM DEX with a present supply of 10.5 Million.

BLAC is not a tool for speculation or pump and dump scams, BLAC aims to create a stable growing economy that no one owns but belongs to everyone.

You hear of many coins with the goal of liquidity, but what does that really mean?

At BLAC we see liquidity as the creation of a niche economy, built on a small yet global scale. Imagine a group of artist, farmers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs from the working and middle class together building an independent currency ...

The goal of BLAC coin is the formation of a micro-economy based not on country, location, language, race or religion but on the common goal of a more perfect union.

Sellers and buyers no longer separated by banks, laws and bureaucracy or more accurately separated by racism, sexism and classism.


...crypto Browser...
...client side...
...pure JavaScript...
... so so sexy ...


Fiat to Bitcoin

The first step into #crypto is to transfer #fiat.

Transfering fiat is the process of buying crypto with actual money and it requires a bank.

Once you have crypto you can move it between wallets, swap for other cryptos and make payments all without the need for a bank.

Because buying crypto with fiat requires a bank connection it is REALLY important that you use a reputable company. Since 2013 Coinbase was the only safe game in town, but the cash app has proven to be the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin! The only crypto that is not an altcoin!

Bitcoin (BTC) to Stellar (XLM)

Once you have transfered cash for crypto you will have a wallet and you are ready to swap BTC for XLM.

We recommend the blockchain wallet as it is one of the few wallets that will allow swaps between XLM and other top cryptos.

Once you have a blockchain wallet you can trasnsfer the BTC you bought in step one to this wallet.

With your blockchain wallet funded you can swap Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), or even USD PAX (PAX) for Stellar (XLM).

Stellar Lummens nectar of the crypto gods!

Stellar (XLM) to BLAC

Now that you have XLM you can finally get BLAC. You will need to transfer XLM from your blockchain wallet to a pure XLM wallet Stellar organization provides a great tool to create an XLM wallet

To participate on a decentralized exchange you need to open your Stellar wallet with an application that also allows trading on a DEX exchange. My hands down recommendations are the LOBSTR wallet mobile app and the awesome site.

Once you have XLM the last step is creating a #trustline for BLAC.

Anyone that creates a BLAC trust line will receive 10 free BLAC via airdrop.

At BLAC we are building blockchain solutions to demystify, simplify and intensify the pro crypto audience. Tweet us, join our Telegram, use our public wallet, buy some BLAC coin on any decentralized Stellar exchange. We are team BUIDL all day everyday and your support is very much appreciated. Its a brave new world and BLAC is here. The offical coin of innovation for people of African descent ... yep that means everyone